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Disability and Life Insurance are IMPORTANT if you own a home, plan on buying one, or have a family!

Many people often don't realize the importance of having a disability income insurance policy AND a life insurance policy in place when you own a home, are planning on purchasing a home, have or are starting a family. Unfortunately...tragedy can strike at any moment and usually at "the worst time possible" and without one of these policies in place, the consequences can be catastrophic!

You've worked hard to get where you are; you've crossed all of your "T's" and dotted all of your "I's." Buying or owning a home is a huge step in any individual's life. Starting a family is an even bigger one! However, the subjects of life insurance or disability insurance are often shied away from as they bring up, well, "less than happy" feelings and thoughts. Sure, you may have standard medical health coverage through work for yourself or your family, and you've purchased homeowner's insurance as required; you may think you are more than covered and policies for life insurance or disability insurance are an unneeded "luxury." However, this could be the furthest from the truth!

Your homeowner's policy will cover damages to your property. Your regular medical insurance will cover your doctor visits. But what happens if you cannot work? Or even worse, what happens if you die unexpectedly? How will that mortgage get will your family carry on? These are the most basic of questions that EVERYONE who has either purchased a home, plans on do so, has a family or is starting one should be asking themselves. Life insurance and disability insurance help to answer these questions and provide the security you and your family will need during those difficult times. Did you know that you can get a MILLION of coverage in TERM LIFE INSURANCE alone for just a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR? That would be more than enough to make sure that mortgage is paid off and your family could remain in the home you worked so hard to obtain.

Take into consideration the following REAL scenarios:
(Names have been changed)

Bob has a new home, new wife and a baby on the way...and an individual disability income insurance policy!

Working as a contractor for nearly 20 years, Bob has stayed focus on his goals in life: meet someone special, buy a home and start a family. His focus has allowed him to obtain these long standing goals. Unfortunately, Bob recently became injured while doing work on his new home, and this injury has resulted in a short term disability whereas he cannot currently work his regular day job. For Bob, every paycheck matters right now and unfortunately, he has already exhausted his sick days. Thanks to forward thinking, Bob secured an individual disability income insurance plan which is covering 60% of his normal monthly income. He can still afford his mortgage of $2100 per month, as regular monthly bills. He can also finish preparing for the arrival of his new baby girl (setting up the nursery, purchasing baby clothes, diapers, formula and more). Without having a disability policy, this may not have been possible with Bob being out of work. Bob, his wife and their soon to be daughter can now rest easy at night knowing that life will continue on as planned.

Jane works, but her husband Richard covered most expenses. There was no life insurance policy in place...

Jane and Richard had been married for approximately 10 years. A husband and wife team, Jane would tend to some administrative responsibilities at Richard's company; a company he had been building up for many years. With business booming, Richard had recently been expanding his business at a rapid pace. However, with the growth of his company, Richard had to personally guarantee loans for the business to obtain a larger facility, purchase additional vehicles and allow for other necessities to run operations. An extremely hard worker to say the least (and this would be an understatement at that), Richard was no stranger to working 16 hour days, 7 days a week to get to where he was. Shortly after they had married, he took the financial leap of buying a large home; one that came couple with large mortgage payment. Sadly enough, Richard recently passed due to a heart attack; it seems the stress of long days at the office and managing a large staff may have caught up to him. Unfortunately, Richard did not have any life insurance policy in place. To further add to the already dismal situation, Richard's business is now limping along as its Key Person is no longer there to help oversee and manage operations. Bills are now behind, the creditors are calling, and the situation does not seem that it will improve. Sadly for Jane, the company that her and Richard ultimately built together is now having difficult supporting her salary; and the home they worked so hard to make their own...looks as though it may be headed for foreclosure. Even the loans Richard had personally guaranteed are now impacting any savings they had.

If Richard had taken the time to consider and purchase a life insurance policy, either whole life or at least a term policy, none of these problems would exist adding to an already tragic event; and it would have only cost him a few hundred dollars a year!

Frank and Melissa have two children and purchased whole life insurance policies for both of them; forward thinking!

While many people may ignore whole life insurance for children as being the smart investment it is, Frank and Melissa acted as two forward thinking parents taking their childrens' future into account...they are truly looking ahead. In looking ahead towards the future, Frank and Melissa were made aware by their insurance agent that securing policies early on for their children would help to not only teach financial responsibility to their kids, but put something in place so early on that it has true large cash value and usefulness if ever needed. Of course, while the passing of a children is nothing short of tragic, such a policy can also help with funeral expenses in the event that a death occurs. Likewise, Frank and Melissa realized that as you get older, medical issues do arise, and this could impact their children's ability to obtain whole life insurance policies at that time. By setting policies in place early on, they can be satisfied knowing that their two children have some security to fall back on, including the ability to take out policy loans if ever needed whether that be for tuition, purchasing a home or obtaining another loan. Finally, Frank and Melissa take great satisfaction in knowing that in their children's later year, their families will feel the blanket of security knowing that whole life insurance policies are in place.

Putting protection in place is easy!

In the scenarios above, you learned of not just very REAL situations that have occurred, but have hopefully gained some meaningful insight into why having a life insurance policy or disability income insurance policy in place is so important. It should never be considered a "luxury" or unnecessary item, but rather and ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in having a well rounded financial plan for your life. For very little money at all, and often payable monthly, quarterly or yearly, these policies WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE PROTECTION AND FINANCIAL SECURITY that both you and your family will need in event of a tragedy or setback due to illness of disability. Having a life insurance policy in place can even be looked upon as collateral by banks when obtaining a loan. It takes only a few minutes to receive a free quote for these type of policies; we encourage you to do so today!

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