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High Limit Disability Insurance

An individual's ability to earn a sizable income is his/her biggest asset, yet it can often be taken for granted. Traditional insurers are often unable to meet the income replacement needs of high earners in the event of disability. High Limit Disability Plans are primarily used to supplement inadequate disability coverage for highly compensated people and to insure persons whose occupations, avocations, medical histories or financial conditions make them an unacceptable risk for traditional disability insurers.

High Limit Disability Insurance plans provided by FICG offer great flexibility, couple with both monthly benefits and lump sum programs that wrap around, fill in, extend or augment existing inadequate plans and bring forward new dimensions in both personal and business disability financial planning. Individual plans include:

  • Executives High Limit Disability
  • Physicians and Surgeons High Limit Disability
  • Dentists High Limit Disability
  • Brokers & Traders High Limit Disability
  • Legal Profession High Limit Disability
  • Chiropractors High Limit Disability
  • Blue & Gray Collar High Limit Disability
  • Entertainment Business High Limit Disability
  • Pilots High Limit Disability
  • Athletes High Limit Disability

Businesses can also use High Limit Disability Insurance plans for:

  • Salary Continuation
  • Business Overhead
  • Key Person
  • Buy/Sell
  • Severance Plans
  • Pension Disability
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Contract Guarantee
  • Loan Indemnification

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